Monday, 27 February 2012

Mic Macs

So, for the second time this month, I walked into HMV and picked up a movie I thought looked interesting. I actually might start making a habit of this, it's an interesting way of finding new movies.. Anyway, oddly enough, this was a french film again, like the last one I picked up. But whereas the last (Eden Log) was a horror/sci-fi, this one is more light-hearted and upbeat.

Mic Macs focuses on Bazil (Danny Boon), a man struck by a stray bullet who shortly finds himself homeless. He's welcomed in by a family of mis-fits, who help him in his plot to get back at the people who're responsible for what happened to him.

The film has a very nice colour palette throughout, the images are vibrant and colourful even in the most unlikely of places. Even the night-time scenes on the rooftops are visually interesting. Characters and locations are well-lit, which lends to the general upbeat theme of the film. While the film is set in a modern-day environment, the hideout of the main characters is very makeshift and recycled, which helps create a contrast between them and the rich bad guys they're essentially trolling.

I agree with the reviews I've read on the net, the characters could've been fleshed-out a bit better. It's hard to hate the bad guys at times, who at worse just seem like unpleasant people more than evil people. While you can sympathise with Bazil because of his injury, not much of his character was built up in the flashback scenes, and he feels like an average joe who had an accident.

Overall though, I really liked the film. It's not perfect, but its interesting visual look and charming soundtrack really feel like a breath of fresh air.

On a side note, however, I'd like to point out that despite it's light-hearted theme, the film does contain some sexual themes and some graphic violence. Nothing overboard, but definitely something to consider before watching it with younger kids.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Eden Log

I stumbled upon this film completely by accident. I was in HMV looking for an album (which they didn't stock, no surprise there) and the cover caught my eye. As soon as I discovered it was a dark sci-fi -- and only a fiver -- I thought it was worth a look. I'm not going to do a 'review' here because I'm no critic, instead I'm just going to summarize my thoughts on the film.

Personally, I felt like the film had a lot of potential, but was ruined by some very cliché themes that seemed tacked on. A good story can usually be boiled down to it's core elements and transferred across genres, but the story of Eden Log was mainly focused around it's sci-fi elements, which was disappointing. 

The main character, played by Clovis Cornillac. 

The redeeming quality of Eden Log, for me, was it's atmosphere. It's eery soundtrack and high contrast lighting gave it a brilliant sense of atmosphere.

The film had a muted look, with dark scenes and very direct lighting. There were some fantastic camera angles throughout, and some nice visual choices - in particular, one scene where a projection lines up with a person's head, creating a visual sense of past/present.

The beginning of the film was probably my favourite part of it, as the character was alone and the pace was generally slower. The film was enjoyable, mainly because of it's atmosphere and soundtrack. I'd recommend watching it for those reasons alone,  it's a nice visual experience.

Oh, and don't even ask me about the ending. I still don't understand it.

edit: I forgot to mention, it's a French film. I say that not as an insinuation that it's country of origin affects it's quality, but as a speculation that the dialogue would sound better in the actors native language. I'll have to watch it again in French some time.

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